Plan Writers: 2017 Best Business Plan Winner Write Up

This year’s winner of the Gold Award in the Best Business Plan category is The Plan Writers. We found the company to be very professional and streamlined in their approach. The Plan Writers also delivered high-quality work that included relatively in-depth consultation which resulted in a business plan that resonated with our experts.

Below is a summary of our experience working with them on a mock business plan.


Onboarding Experience:


On our initial call with The Plan Writers, the contact person was easy to communicate with. A senior consultant was brought onto the call to answer some industry-specific questions; it was evident that the consultant had a very good grasp of the industry. We also found the company to be transparent in its answers. The contact person made it clear that their business plan would in no way guarantee funding. Following our discussion, The Plan Writers sent out a customized proposal based on our conversation. Its fees were reasonable in relation to those of its competitors.



To facilitate engagement, The Plan Writers provided us with a general questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire was extensive and covered many topics, but we were informed that we would not have to fill it out entirely. We were asked to only complete what we could. Once we returned the questionnaire, a call with a consultant was scheduled. During the course of the one-hour call, the consultant asked a number of questions based on the answers we had provided in the questionnaire. He also provided suggestions on our business model, and recommended that we lower our initial investment. The consultant was not the same as the consultant we spoke to during the initial, pre-engagement call.


Plan Quality:

Overall, the quality of the business plan delivered to us was high. It was tailored to our business, and included the standard sections that an investor looks for. Despite being comprehensive, the plan was also concise in some areas. For instance, the breakdown of our mock business’s benefits was straight-to-the-point. The Plan Writers used data and findings from a number of reputable sources to support its market research and financial assumptions.


The Experts Say:

Two venture capitalists (VC) reviewed the plan written by The Plan Writers and found it to be the most persuasive of the plans reviewed. Both stated that all claims made in the plan were adequately backed by research and data, and that forecasts and return on investment analyses were realistic. One VC noted the vision and goals of the mock business were well communicated, which many entrepreneurs struggle to achieve.

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