2017 Best Business Plan Services Provider

Rank Company Overall Score Customer Service Score Quality of Work Score Expert Ranking Score


The Plan Writers 94% 90% 96% 96%


PlanIt Business






Bargain Business Plan






Cayenne Consulting





5 Growthink 82% 91% 78%



Summary of Findings

After reviewing numerous business plan service providers, The Plan Writers came out on top, bolstered by its high quality of work and strong expert ratings. The company provides consulting services with MBA experts, reasonable pricing, and customized solutions, which, for our mock business, combined to produce the most persuasive plan according to the investors we surveyed.

PlanIt Business gives back to the community by offering probono business plan services. Every six months, the company chooses one business plan to complete free of charge. The winner must demonstrate financial hardship while having a great business idea that holds potential for success.

Growthink provided a pleasant customer experience. The company’s response time was lightning fast and the plan was delivered ahead of schedule. Cayenne consulting is also committed to customer service, providing users a number of free resources on its website, including a valuation estimation calculator.

For the budget-conscious entrepreneur with a simple business model, Bargain Business Plan is a good choice. The company will transfer your idea to paper so that it meets the basic requirements for a small loan application. While it doesn’t offer in-depth consulting services, it will review your current plan and offer feedback and polishing for a nominal fee.



Our methodology for compiling our ratings included compiling primary research derived from the following three core sources:Our methodology for compiling our ratings included compiling primary research derived from the following three core sources:

1. Secret Shoppers: Our secret shoppers called 15 business plan service providers and asked a variety of questions about consultant background, research, price, turnaround time, use of templates, and more. This gave us insight into each company’s process, capabilities, and experience.
2. Plan Quality: In addition to sourcing samples from providers, we also purchased business plans directly for a mock business (unbeknownst to the companies). The plans were written for an e-commerce startup. This allowed us to experience the consulting session and create a fair comparison from company to company.
3. Investor & Lenders Feedback: Experience investors from various industries were consulted with to determine which business plan was most likely to persuade them into investing.

Using these sources, we were able to rate each company according to a number of metrics that fall into one of three categories:

1. Customer Service
2. Quality of Work
3. Expert Feedback


Breakdown of Results


The Plan Writers PlanIt Business Bargain Business Plan Cayenne Consulting Growthink
Onboarding experience
Ability to meet deadlines
Score: 90% 88% 95% 80% 91%



The Plan Writers PlanIt Business Bargain Business Plan Cayenne Consulting Growthink
Competency of consultants
Written communication skills
Fluidity of the Plan
Financial mastery
Quality of consultation
Ability to comprehend and express founders’ vision
Ability to demonstrate value proposition
Comprehension of diverse business models
Depth of research
Score: 96% 88% 78% 80% 78%


The Plan Writers PlanIt Business Bargain Business Plan Cayenne Consulting Growthink


Score: 96% 87% 75% 85% 76%


Definition of Metrics


Onboarding experience: Was the onboarding experience streamlined and effective or was it unorganized and unproductive?

Integrity: Does the company act with integrity when pitching their services?

Customization: Does the company use a template or does it tailor the plan to the clients’ needs?

Ability to meet deadlines: Did the company meet its deadlines?

Value: Was the service rendered worth the price paid?


Competency of consultants: How experienced and capable with the writers and consultants? Did they have knowledge of the industry? Were they able to think critically?

Written communication skills: Is the business plan free of grammar and spelling errors? Does the plan’s narrative have a professional feel?

Fluidity of the plan: Do concepts flow smoothly from one section to the next? Was the company able to develop a story that’s easy to follow, or does it feel like each section was developed independently of each other?

Financial mastery: How adept is the company at generating financial projections and understanding various financial models?

Quality of time (time spent between consultant and client): Was time spent between client and consultant used wisely? Were the questions asked by the consultant pertinent, valid, and insightful? Does the client feel comfortable and confident with the consultant?

Collaboration: Was the consultant able to challenge the client and provide recommendations and added insight where needed?

Ability to comprehend and express founder’s vision: Was the company able to grasp the founder’s vision for his/her business and adequately express it in the business plan.

Ability to demonstrate value proposition: Was the company able to comprehend the client’s value proposition and position it in such a way that demonstrates the client’s value to the market.

Comprehension of diverse business models: Was the company able to grasp and advise on varying business models spanning numerous industries?

Depth of research: How extensive was the company’s research into industry trends, target markets, competitors, marketing strategies, etc.?


Persuasiveness: How convinced were investors and lenders upon reading the business plan? Would they invest in or lend to the business? Do they believe the client can succeed in the market and generate adequate returns?



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